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Katya on tumblr

Katya on tumblr

Originally uploaded by Meer.

I decided to add my Amazon wishlist to my tumbl feeds because I don’t add stuff often, but when I do, it’s usually something significant. So imagine my surprise opening my tumblr page and seeing row after row of pink goodness.

I had shown Katya how Amazon wishlists worked yesterday, but then she had been saving her items to her own folder. On the bright side, I guess you can never have too many Barbie Forever Tawny Horse with Majestic Manes.


04 2007

The fine line of parental leniency

I just handed Katya a bowl of zinnia seeds and the plant auger/drill combo (that she asked for and, according to Mark, can control). I’m either a really good parent, or a really bad one!

But hey, it’s the right time to be planting zinnias.


04 2007

See Katya read! Read, Katya, read!

Lately Katya has been increasing in reading skills. She’s looked more at books on her own, and asked us “No what?” every time she sees a “NO X” sign. Her book to read to us has usually been Guess Who
, so tonight I opened it up in the middle, since I’m positive she has the first few chapters memorized. She read two mini chapters needing about 10 words told to her, but otherwise acting confident (if reading in the stilted voice that you sort of expect from Dick and Jane đŸ˜‰ ). Of course, I get excited when she reads, so she gets even more excited, so then she gets too bouncy to sleep!

(The complaints about Dick and Jane readers is that it teaches kids to read based on sheer cramming their memory with words, as opposed to them learning how to sound words out, which is kind of why I never understood the “huked on phonix wurked fur me” jokes.)


12 2006

Little Emma in India

Scan of a print of a digital photo

Originally uploaded by Meer.

I got a polite request from a flickr member to use Emma’s dandelion photo in the Daily Chhattisgarh, a small evening paper he’s the editor for. He was kind enough to send me a pdf and a snail mail copy of this page. If you would like to download the full page, you can find it here.


09 2006

Alternate Plea to Encourage Offspring to Consume Their Dinner

A-B-C-D-Eat your food-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-Please. Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Why-because-I-said-so-Z. Now you’ve eaten all your food, maybe next time I will too.

Result: Extra snickering, less consumption. Needs work.


05 2006



I wasn’t expecting the kind of response this photo I got. Emma, you are amazingly hilarious and innocent at the same time.


07 2005

Only Katya’s Straight Man

While we’re at the Chinese buffet, Katya reassures me that she has a future in comedy:

Katya: (pointing at the sweetener) What’s that?
Mommy: That’s for coffee and tea.
K: Tea? Tee? Tee? What’s after tee?
M: (pausing in confusion) Uhh…. U?
K: (not missing a beat) For MEE??

It came straight off as a Who’s On First sketch.


06 2005

Wishes of her little heart

One of the great things about Katya growing older is that her personality is developing, and for better or worse, this includes having decided opinions about what she wants. Recently Katya has demonstrated her preferences on various topics. Here a few of the ones that made me smile and decide for one more day that I could probably handle raising her for just a LITTLE longer.

My grandmother sent some money for Katya’s birthday, and we mentioned to Katya that she should start considering what she would want to buy. Without hesistation she started wiggling her fingers around, “I want a crab!”

And if simple requests don’t work, she’s not above asking other authorities. I was saying a prayer over a meal, “Please bless us that we may be safe today and work together…”

“…and paint lots,” Katya murmers in sotto voice.

She’s already able to hurt my feelings, however, despite the humor of the situation. She’s become obsessed about going to school, and in fact, the other day we even had to “chase” a school bus, with her fully intent on hopping on it. She’s certain her school is off “that way” and she has a teacher waiting for her. And I’m not allowed to be her teacher, or do school things, without much cajoling. It had become an “issue” after the school bus incident, and in the past, tantrums haveccurred.

Finally I used the sympathy ploy. Sadly I asked, “So I can’t be your teacher?”

“You can be my teacher…” she decided.

“I can be your teacher?” Dare I hope?

“…after school.”

Outconned again.


02 2005

I can’t handle the pressure

I tell a few of you some amusing Katya/Emma anecdotes and suddenly everyone’s all over me. You all want a piece of their cutieness, and you want to make me into something I’m not: primarily a monkey who sits around to blog the latest in cute stories, and well, you’re just using me and you’re trying to keep me from real blog fandom as a political pundit, but that’s ok, I never wanted that either. So without further ado, some mindless gratification for all of you.

Quotable Katya:

While riding in the car and discussing something entirely different: “I don’t want to have to be a boy.”

Runs into computer room yelling, “My dog is poopy!” I pause, follow her curiously and find her dog backpack lying on the diaper changing mat. Grabbing the dog she exclaims “No butt!” (well, I could’ve told you that…)

Katya: “Knock knock.”
Us: “Who’s there?”
K: “Orange.”
U: “Orange who?”
K: “You don’t have to cry about it!”

Repeatedly, to Emma: “You’re the best baby I know!” (aww)

So to the loveliest 3-year old I know, Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing my life!

Monkey et monkey


02 2005

The 1-2 Law

All kids age 1 must have completed #2 earlier in the day before entering the bath.

Let’s just say Emma consistently has issues with warm water.


01 2005