Wishes of her little heart

One of the great things about Katya growing older is that her personality is developing, and for better or worse, this includes having decided opinions about what she wants. Recently Katya has demonstrated her preferences on various topics. Here a few of the ones that made me smile and decide for one more day that I could probably handle raising her for just a LITTLE longer.

My grandmother sent some money for Katya’s birthday, and we mentioned to Katya that she should start considering what she would want to buy. Without hesistation she started wiggling her fingers around, “I want a crab!”

And if simple requests don’t work, she’s not above asking other authorities. I was saying a prayer over a meal, “Please bless us that we may be safe today and work together…”

“…and paint lots,” Katya murmers in sotto voice.

She’s already able to hurt my feelings, however, despite the humor of the situation. She’s become obsessed about going to school, and in fact, the other day we even had to “chase” a school bus, with her fully intent on hopping on it. She’s certain her school is off “that way” and she has a teacher waiting for her. And I’m not allowed to be her teacher, or do school things, without much cajoling. It had become an “issue” after the school bus incident, and in the past, tantrums haveccurred.

Finally I used the sympathy ploy. Sadly I asked, “So I can’t be your teacher?”

“You can be my teacher…” she decided.

“I can be your teacher?” Dare I hope?

“…after school.”

Outconned again.


02 2005

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    I want to be her teacher! :) It will give me good practice for later one 😉

    As far as her wanting a crab, you should get her a hermit crab. I want one myself, but since we have two pets already Forest has nixed that idea. I might just go buy one without him knowing 😉 They are really safe for kids, the only thing I would worry about is the cat trying to digest it.