Xfire nonsense

In my opinion, this is an excellent article about the lawsuit Yahoo served Xfire.

In my opinion, there are clearly issues that make the lawsuit valid to bring to court; one of the primary facts being that the founder of Xfire was once an employee of Yahoo leading the gaming IM project at Yahoo, whose name is on a patent with Yahoo for such technology.

Yet when Xfire publishes their Pity Us/Help Us webpage, do they even refer to their ties with Yahoo? Of course not. Instead it says

Xfire filed a countersuit against Yahoo. The countersuit states that Yahoo’s lawsuit is a baseless attempt to drive Xfire out of business or to force Xfire to sell or license its proprietary technology.

And when thousands of bandwagon afficinados realize that Xfire is being attacked by such a corporate monolith, they post insightful comments on their petition that show their complete understanding of the situation, having achieved such after thorough reading on the topic:

from the relevant:

I realy like x-fire and the fact they give it for free is great GET OFF THEIR BACK YAHOO p.s. Yahoo your toolbar is rubbish google is much better

to the well-intentioned but misinformed:

Another example of a company trying to monopolise a free market.

to the many that are so horrifyingly stupid as to make my sides split:

LOFL YAHOO R UX!!!!!PZL DOTN LEAT XFIER DIE!!1 -.-, xfire)yahoo, k?thx


Dont make life hard for us gamers, yahoo!

Xfire, with friends like these, who needs enemies?


03 2005

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