Ultima Online “Eighth Age”

Eighth Age is Ultima Online’s foray into the new mmorpg world dominated by WoW. Why should you pre-buy it? Well for one, it “comes with a free advanced character (a $29.99 value).” Glad to see they’re testing the eBay market ahead of time too.

And slightly on that note: A World of Warcraft World


09 2005

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  1. Heidi #

    Well, you’re certainly right. “Foray” was totally a wrong word. UO was actually the first mmorpg I played, actually, and certainly got me interested in the genre. By all admissions though, the genre has changed a lot since I played UO. But my point was nothing related to how UO was “new,” more about the humor of the included extras.

  2. kallese #

    Woah…A new game that doesn’t cost $50??

    *rubs her eyes*

    maybe baby.

  3. Heidi #

    Yes, I think that too, then I remember that I already paid the $50 and have some unhappy little fire mages waiting for me to play with them. :)