I’ve been reflecting on my increasing reliance on playing World of Warcraft, which common wisdom would write off to “addiction” or “laziness.” While there may be elements of each in my behavior, there is more expression of a 21st century introvert (who longs to be an extrovert) finding outlets for enjoying friendships. I’m not unaware of the fact that I have few friends within a 50-mile radius, nor that I enjoy written communication more than spoken. It’s amusing to me that people can write video games off as mindless escapism, when they provide me a way to enjoy friendships with people that I cannot meet (but knew before playing WoW) to go to a movie or a club. Even when I play with Mark (across the room), the interaction is complex, letting us plan and enact difficult strategies, and test our relationship (“AUGH! You let me die again!”–usually me freaking out).

Still: critical mass is drawing near and I may have to face temporary loneliness to find something ultimately better.


03 2006

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