Cliff notes not needed

If I am to break radio silence, one must imagine that it could only be for something of dire importance, such as viewing Kiera Knightely in the new(ish) Pride and Prejudice, which book I am quite fond of. While it did not offend the sensibilities much to see Lizzie so beautiful, nor so astonishingly self-aware, one must inquire what the movie makers hoped to achieve by hitting the viewers over the head with the equivalent of a large-type leather-bound printing of the book. If one is to invent their own dialogue in the manner of Jane Austen, surely something better could be achieved than having Lizzie tell her father, “[Mr. Darcy and I] are so similar. We’re both so stubborn! *giggle*” Surely American viewers are not so dense as to require schooling in one of the main themes of such a well-known piece and collectively feel their intelligences to be insulted. Still, the movie managed to succeed in eliciting some feelings of romanticism regarding Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth, such has plagued scores of schoolgirls for centuries.

In other news, perhaps more important in some eyes than the above (though surely I’d have to ask where your priorities lie!), Mark and I have successfully traveled cross-country from Colorado via El Paso, Fort Worth, Memphis, and Morristown, TN, to our rightly state (or city) in Cary, NC. Being too lazy to rewrite some of which I already have, I direct you to my flickr set for that trip, some of which has narration. Also, we are under contract to buy a house with a pretty bit of ground and we’d invite all Shugenkai Summer School attendees to follow us back for the after-party, but since we would not yet own the house, we would soon tire of having the realtor let us in each time we desired to retire from the deck to the family room.

I apparently need to get to bed soon. My brain appears a bit fuddled still from that slightly confused movie.


08 2006

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