Books read:1 (v.g)

Weight: more than 125 lbs (think v. unfair short people get smaller numbers for weight), self-indulgent books read: 1 (not good), self-indulgent conversations had: 10, alcohol units: 0 (v.g., but diminished perhaps by status of not drinking anyway), number of times fantasized about Colin Firth: 0 (hmm, must do something about that)

Did indulge in reading Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason (only $1 at the thrift shop, justified as must catch up with rest of society). Feel frightened that I must now think like her, also frightened by seeming obsession with Pride and Prejudice to blog-readers (simply not true). Feel sympathy for singletons everywhere, however, much gladness re: finding Mark (not Mark Darcy, Mark Hoopes) with little drama.

Also, do not see connection between character of Bridget and that of Elizabeth. Very offended.

Hope I never turn into Bridget Jones. Wonder how one knows if one is turning into a simpleton. Consoled by fact that I have skills.

Saving Graces:

Ability to use internet, esp. to google for facts and like items, re: important news around the world.

I can cook. Really well.

Does not constantly include everyone near me in private musings. Ok, maybe a little, if honest to self.

Have never read self-help book. Perhaps there is a self-help book for people like me, along lines of Self-help for the Self-helpless.

Suddenly have idea for a new movie/book/other like media review site, where reviews presented in manner of the book or movie being reviewed. Am heartened by thoughts of Web Stardom. Fear that I do not remember the difference between syntax and diction, also must research artist’s voice. Also idea probably already done somewhere on web. Note to use google to find such thing. Unfortunately watch few movies. Books read slightly better. Resolve to watch movies of artsy nature, to increase presence of mind and ability to be coy and cunning. Also to impress Ashwan.


10 2006

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    Am suitably impressed. Must note that people seem to value my opinion. Wonder why. Must read friends’ blogs more often.