We’re #5!

So when are you all going to move here?

Though I’d have to imagine our air quality has gone down after last night.

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10 2006

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    I’m staying put…

  2. Heidi #

    I’d certainly hope so with what you have going there.

  3. 3

    Saw your post about Henry’s Gelato, but couldn’t comment there… Is it as good as you make it out to be? How do you like Cary so far? Our family just moved here from the DC area last July… Love your web stuff.

  4. Heidi #

    Hi Peter. Keeping in mind I’ve had Henry’s Gelato three times now, and gelato previously only a couple times, I have no arguments with it, other than the cost (which is perhaps is what keeps me from indulging more often). The flavors are rather strong, which can be either a good or bad thing, especially if you order two citrus flavors together, which has been my mistake. The climate in the store still feels a little “new,” which makes me uncomfortable, but some might enjoy the overattentiveness.

    I’ve heard Cary panned as being either snobby or boring or a solid wall of strip malls, but for raising a family, those are usually good things. I like the proximity to both Durham and Raleigh, the comfortable family feeling around the town, being part of Wake County’s school system, and most importantly, proximity to ethnic food, especially Indian.

    I also moved here in July, actually, but from the midwest, so I perhaps have more of a culture clash than you, though Cary is arguably not very Southern at all. But in any case, we’d be equally qualified to tell the other about Cary! :) What have your thoughts been?