Where do we go from here?

Overcome with the horrible malady of strengthening priorities, I suddenly decided that there’s more to life than a good design and beautiful css. I still feel sick when I see examples of outstanding web design, but all I want is to be able to occasionally record items of note, and this suits that purpose. All I ask of you is to encourage that endeavor by commenting when so moved upon by what you read, as posting strengthens not only the content, but my feeling that I am writing to an audience who is listening.

If you have any comments about this “design,” please be specific–and I already know about most of the problems, especially if they relate to audioscrobbler or delicious. I know the design is not a far stretch from the standard WordPress installation. The colors are my nod to the idea that dark backgrounds are easier on the eyes, and patronisation of my bud Johnny (patronisation? hmm, what I meant to say…). Thanks to him and Matt for enduring my whining.

And if you want to indulge one of my current priorities, you can follow my searching for content suitable for enriching Katya’s days at delicious. I’ve just begun that grouping, but soon I hope it’ll be a collection of resources I’ve found that are suitable for pre-pre-K enlightenment.


01 2005

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