See Katya read! Read, Katya, read!

Lately Katya has been increasing in reading skills. She’s looked more at books on her own, and asked us “No what?” every time she sees a “NO X” sign. Her book to read to us has usually been Guess Who
, so tonight I opened it up in the middle, since I’m positive she has the first few chapters memorized. She read two mini chapters needing about 10 words told to her, but otherwise acting confident (if reading in the stilted voice that you sort of expect from Dick and Jane đŸ˜‰ ). Of course, I get excited when she reads, so she gets even more excited, so then she gets too bouncy to sleep!

(The complaints about Dick and Jane readers is that it teaches kids to read based on sheer cramming their memory with words, as opposed to them learning how to sound words out, which is kind of why I never understood the “huked on phonix wurked fur me” jokes.)


12 2006

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