Katya and Emma Snippets

I hope to write up some of the highlights of our trip to London, especially those parts that aren’t covered by photos we took (which aren’t all uploaded to flickr yet). But in the meantime, I present some amusing kid stories I’ve been hoarding.

Katya and Emma march into the kitchen, shouting “Katya is 5! Katya is 5!” Upon closer examination, Katya is waving a popsicle stick sign that said “Katya is 5” where the “s” is backwards. Adorable.

From the more cringe-inducing department, Emma has long been obsessed with hair and eye color (most likely because everyone she meets instantly comments on her blond hair). On at least two occasions, she’s bounced over to me after meeting a new (black) child and announced loudly, “That’s my friend with black hair!” More cringe-inducing because I think she’s going to say “black…skin” and then have a million people stare at me as if I’m teaching my kid weird things.

Katya muses about how to spell “spoon.” “How do you spell ‘foon’? Hmmm… F?” (Yes, she has trouble with her sp and related sounds.)

This is no longer an isolated incident, but I did write down Katya praying “Thank you for postmans, and librarians.” She has since been thankful for such things as “the earth, which You created a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago. That’s a lot of longs.” I guess I should be happy that she doesn’t have a prayer formula.


05 2007

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