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In one of my less bright moments, I went with a url that’s obviously a little beyond mainstream. To ease it for some of you (hi, Mom! ;)) I’ve forwarded here as well, though I’m thinking I should park it instead. is the bright idea of’s Available Domain Name of the Week, and I couldn’t resist it, if only because it allows me such taglines as “From the biggest turkey of them all,” “Full of acidic vitriole,” my favorite, “Putting people to sleep since 1996,” and other such arcane stupid jokes.

In exchange, I offer the world my high-class list of the domain names I created and pondered:


01 2005

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  1. 1

    I wanted to use, but it was taken :/

    I had to settle for something boring and plain!

    Maybe I should have stolen! *lol*

    Btw, I can barely see the text in this window, the font color is too light! :)

  2. Heidi #

    Ooops, I hadn’t changed that yet. I don’t know I left my own comment without noticing. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Heidi #

    And for future reference, you can use .org extensions. I even wish I had avoided the whole .com route for this site.

  4. Ashwan #

    heyyy… *I* like it!