Career Matchmaking, or Otherwise Entitled Why I Like Working From Home

After seeing a link for a career matchmaking test on Rebecca’s blog, I’m not sure what to make of my future.

1. Taxidermist
2. Massage Therapist
3. Welder
4. Tilesetter
5. Boilermaker
6. Pet Groomer
7. Security Systems Technician
8. Criminologist
9. Sign Maker
10. Electrician

Aside from being utterly depressing, these results are just…strange. I’m pretty sure I put “meh” on the questions about using tools. I don’t even get a scientific career until Podiatrist at #20 (unless you count Prosthetist / Orthotist at #14, which I’m pretty sure has never been anyone’s dream job).

You can be similarly befuddled! Directions: Go to Enter nycareers as the username and landmark as the password. Take the “Career Matchmaker” survey. Post the top ten results.


09 2007

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  1. j #

    1. Biomedical Engineer
    2. Computer Engineer
    3. Engineering Tech
    4. Electrical Engineer
    5. Explosives Specialist
    6. Agricultural Engineer
    7. Mechanical Engineering Tech
    8. Electrical Engineering Tech
    9. Electronics Engineering Tech
    10. Astronomer