In trying to decide what to make of the various places I update and write, assigned Tryptophantastic (and, which just points here) the role of being the family blog. I’ve been writing up anecdotes on a locally saved file, uploading pictures to flickr, etc., but then have to repeat myself to every family member who wants to hear how we’re doing.

So there will be more content here again, just might be more personal and family-oriented. If you’re interested in following my links, hobbies, academic pursuits, etc., my tumblr page is being assigned that role, and that also will hopefully be updated and refined soon.

I also hope that as more family and friends start reading and/or come back, they’ll leave some input, since that form of “conversation” is about all we sometimes get with you.



02 2008

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  1. 1

    So if this blog is more personal and family centric, maybe you should just point here and name the blog, the Hoopes family blog or something like that. Keep tryptophantastic for the tumblelog, the name seems to fit too :)

    Tumblr does allow you to point your own domain to your tumblelog, doesn’t it?

  2. Heidi #

    If you’re trying to be the voice of reason…well, ok.

    And yes, tumblr allows that.