I can’t handle the pressure

I tell a few of you some amusing Katya/Emma anecdotes and suddenly everyone’s all over me. You all want a piece of their cutieness, and you want to make me into something I’m not: primarily a monkey who sits around to blog the latest in cute stories, and well, you’re just using me and you’re trying to keep me from real blog fandom as a political pundit, but that’s ok, I never wanted that either. So without further ado, some mindless gratification for all of you.

Quotable Katya:

While riding in the car and discussing something entirely different: “I don’t want to have to be a boy.”

Runs into computer room yelling, “My dog is poopy!” I pause, follow her curiously and find her dog backpack lying on the diaper changing mat. Grabbing the dog she exclaims “No butt!” (well, I could’ve told you that…)

Katya: “Knock knock.”
Us: “Who’s there?”
K: “Orange.”
U: “Orange who?”
K: “You don’t have to cry about it!”

Repeatedly, to Emma: “You’re the best baby I know!” (aww)

So to the loveliest 3-year old I know, Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing my life!

Monkey et monkey


02 2005

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