Eight months of Toby

While we were visiting both sets of grandparents over Spring Break, Toby tried two seconds of moving his knees in a crawling fashion and two seconds of moving his legs in a walking fashion–and chose the walking. Both Mark and I bit our lips, silently (and more loudly) recalling the several months of assistance we gave Katya while she “walked” using our fingers until she walked completely on her own at 16 months. And she started the finger-assisted walking at a couple months older than Toby is now! But it’s perfect for him, of course, because it just brings him closer loves to new things and controlling what he sees and gets.

Additionally, he’s also quite vocal now. When he’s sad or hungry or both, he’s taken to yelling “MUH MUH MUH MUH!” while contentment and/or playing leads to “Daaa daaa daaaa,” regardless of which parent he’s with. He also yells just to hear his voice, often while bathing, and fortunately it’s not loud enough or high-pitched enough to drive us crazy.

Despite how adorable he’s been lately, he has not changed from being relatively needy in terms of attention and stimulation. He’s got five minutes, tops, before he’s kicking a fuss for something new. Frankly, I don’t even know how to entertain him anymore, so in my depths of despair I secretly hope that he’ll be some genius someday because he wasn’t content at eight months to just sit and play with his rattle like I wished he would.


04 2008

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