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My Mom (by Emma)

Shortly after typing up the previous entry, I found Emma’s preschool riff on Mother’s Day.

Dated 5/6/09

I think my mom is 35 years old. [she overshot a little]

My mom’s favorite color is green. [sure, why not!]

I like it when my mom cooks macaroni/ravioli

I like it when my mom takes me to Children’s Together Park [it’s only the coolest park in town, that’s why]

When I cry, my mom helps me.

My mom call me Emma. [Not according to this]

My mom’s job is working at her computer. [sigh, that was before I had legitimate “work” reasons to be at my computer đŸ˜‰ ]


09 2009

Public Safety Warning: Beware of Strange Babies

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