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Jobs (By Katya)

1. Bilder
2. Crayon Macker
3. Painter
4. Bookmacker
5. Carpitenter

(A list I discovered of what she wants to be when she’s older)

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01 2009

Public Safety Warning: Beware of Strange Babies

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10 2008

IM’ing Katya

There’s been a renaissance of instant messaging in our house. After I sent Katya a variety of smileys, including a very mad one, we had the following exchange:

(12:34:15 PM) K: do you need to go in a time out
(12:34:26 PM) tiertreu: yes!
(12:35:34 PM) K: key now go in your bedroom
(12:36:04 PM) ***tiertreu stomps to her bedroom
(12:36:12 PM) tiertreu: (many more mad faces)
(12:36:16 PM) tiertreu: WAAAAH
(12:40:07 PM) K: you may come out when you learn not to get mad
(12:40:20 PM) tiertreu: but I’m not mad!
(12:40:27 PM) tiertreu: I’m silly?
(12:40:52 PM) K: your coco
(12:41:09 PM) tiertreu: I know =))

Just was amused. They never have timeouts!


08 2008

Toby’s Scooting

We’ll test whether workplaces block vimeo, along with youtube!

Toby has started scooting, and in true Hoopes kid fashion, does it, well, a bit oddly. This was videotaped a few weeks ago, so he’s since become more streamlined, but the technique is the same.

Toby yells, plays, scoots from Meer on Vimeo.

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08 2008

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, that’s my name too!

Partially for fun, partially to remember some of the nicknames the girls have implemented in our family, I diagrammed the following chart.

Diagram of family nicknames


02 2008