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Toby’s First Dictionary

A compilation of words (and gestures) that Toby finds important enough to learn and say, organized chronologically.

Digger, as in the construction truck. He’s learned how to specify more trucks as he’s learned about the variety of truck videos on YouTube
A mooing sound in conjunction with pointing to a cow
Ahce creahm
Ice cream, said low and fast
Ben, another primary kid at church. He can identify Ben’s voice from across the chapel and will swivel to find him
Barking like a dog
While not a definition, exactly, it is almost an automatic response to seeing a dog now. It is often accompanied by dropping to his fours, crawling around, and getting patted and cooed over by his sisters and Mama.
Usually the response to any question, and most famously it is used for giggles by asking strange things like, “Who would like food on their head?” or “Who wants me to eat their cake?”.
Emma, though he usually doesn’t say it unless slurring at the end of saying Katya’s name.
Airplane, though no one understands this one.
“I do it!” said urgently and loud, whenever someone dares help him with something. He started slurring together phrases like this pretty young.
Either “bubbles” or “bus,” depending on context
He makes the sound of a fire engine to identify a fire truck
The sound of a helicopter, accompanied by twirling his finger in the air (Heidi taught him that one, unknowingly).
Duh Truh
Dump Truck. He learned this and is other first transportation-related words pretty early.
Dog. We’re not sure how he came to choose this word over “dog,” but it certainly makes sense!
Gahleegee, Geegee, Guhleekee
Kitty. This is usually paired with “Arfah.” If he says one, he has to say the other, and it usually goes back and forth “arfah, kitty, arfah…”
Daddy. In June 2009 he started holding up his hand to his ear like a phone whenever he said Dada’s name.
Mommy! This is usually paired with “Mama” and goes back and forth “Dada, Mama, Dada…”

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08 2009

Public Safety Warning: Beware of Strange Babies

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10 2008

Toby’s Scooting

We’ll test whether workplaces block vimeo, along with youtube!

Toby has started scooting, and in true Hoopes kid fashion, does it, well, a bit oddly. This was videotaped a few weeks ago, so he’s since become more streamlined, but the technique is the same.

Toby yells, plays, scoots from Meer on Vimeo.

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08 2008

Reflections on Toby’s Appearance

He may look like a giant Cheeto. Really he just enjoys neverending bowls of sweet potatoes.

He is also a bit sparkly with makeup. That comes on days when he doesn’t see me much, so feels the need to burrow his head in mine. And sometimes giving open-mouthed sucks, I mean, kisses.

And honest, I’m really not feeding him Cheetos.



02 2008