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Gained 200 XP today

Think of your mother. Perhaps your grandmother. Someone who is female and around 55, 60, in any case. Perhaps slightly conservative, and highly involved in your church. Doesn’t seem to be much of a stereotype breaker yet.

How big is your sack?Now picture this same woman wearing this shirt. It’s a gaming shirt. More importantly, it’s a World of Warcraft fan shirt.

I met this woman at a church class today. When I saw her shirt, my jaw about dropped. Apparently she plays on a few different servers, including playing Blizzard’s Burning Crusade expansion beta server. We didn’t have time to talk shop, though.

I need to start wearing my rpg/WoW shirt more often to sweat similar fans out of the closet. I can’t picture my mother playing WoW (and enjoying it), but I’m glad someone else’s does. Next post will be about a similar gaming topic I’ve been contemplating.


10 2006